ALKEMIA is an innovative, dynamic company that is continuing to grow everyday.


We are successful here in the European market, and are expanding our business and partnerships to the United States.

Our vision is to share not only our knowledge, but also our innovative & revolutionary products with our current partners and future ones.


Our products are easy to use, effective, and highly successful. They include:


(The Diamond Effect Spray Finish, Smart Repair for Alloy Wheels, Tenax Primer Pen, etc.).


All this is possible thanks not only to our commitment, but also thanks to the high-level participation of our partners, which currently include: CESTAR GENERAL, RCAR Group, and the Universities of Milan and Genova and the most important auto paint manufacturers in Europe.


We don't believe in getting everything done in a hurry.

We believe in doing an excellent job.

We will continue and have already developed excellent innovative products using our extraordinary techniques and thorough research.


Our main goal: to be for our customers the super innovative fuel for their powerful commercial engines.

Our mission: combine needs, knowledge, planning and marketing and fuse them together to make a high performing product in the shortest time possible.


What we have accomplished has often been realized only years later by our competitors.


We rely on our vision instead of creating poorly imitated products.

We believe every product is the next big dream. This is the reason for our success and explains our important role in the Industry as acknowledged by our clients.


Our partnerships have provided us with the latest innovations and techniques of production that are functional, productive, and eco-friendly.


ALKEMIA is a unique company and as of today has no competitors. Our promise is to improve and grow with you . We greatly invest in our research and we will work tirelessly for you.


Please take a moment to review our products.


Best regards.